OEM Toyota Radiator Cooling Parts

The factory radiator under the hood of your Toyota vehicle plays an important role in keeping everything running smoothly. Without it, your engine would be prone to overheating – especially when it’s working at full capacity.

What Your Radiator Does

The radiator send fluid, usually as a mixture of water and coolant, to the engine through a series of hoses. The fluid works its way through the engine's various parts, collecting heat that's built up, and then returns to the radiator. There, the heat dissipates into the atmosphere through the radiator's large, flat, finned surface. Once the fluid has cooled, it returns to the engine as needed to continue the process.

How to Identify Radiator Problems

Even the best radiator parts can begin to go bad, whether due to age or degradation. Signs of trouble include:

  • Pools of red, yellow, or green liquid underneath your Toyota
  • You notice the sweet, almost syrupy, smell of coolant
  • You notice strange noises coming from your engine
  • You have trouble with the cabin cooling or heating

If you do need to replace bad radiator components, make sure that you select the best parts for the job. In your case, that would be the genuine Toyota radiator parts that were designed to your model's specifications. Find everything you need, including any hardware, right here in our online auto parts inventory. Buy now and we'll ship your order right to your front door!

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