OEM Toyota Air Filters

The factory-installed air filters in your Toyota car, SUV, van, or pickup help to protect both your engine and HVAC system. That allows each to operate at peak efficiency.

What Air Filters Do

The engine air filter sits on your air intake, cleaning the air of pollutants and debris before they can make their way inro the engine. That ensures optimal engine performance.

The cabin air filter is usually located behind your glove compartment. It's job is to prevent contaminants and allergens from spreading through the air vents and into your cabin.

How to Identify a Dirty Air Filter

Over time, your air filters are going to get clogged up. How long it takes depends on several factors, including the types of roads and traffic conditions involved with your drive. Signs of failing air filters include:

  • A misfiring engine
  • Reduced engine performance
  • Black smoke coming from your exhaust pipe
  • The "Check Engine" light turns on
  • You can’t maintain a consistent air temperature
  • You hear whistling coming from the air vents

Your engine air filter will likely need to be replaced before your cabin air filter is due. If you’re not experiencing any performance or air quality issues, consult your owner's manual for the recommended maintenance schedule. When you do need to replace your air filters, make sure that you choose the right one for your Toyota. Genuine OEM air filters fit best, offering your engine and your lungs the best protection money can buy. Our online auto parts department has a everything you need in stock and ready to ship. Order now to save time and money!

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